Welcome to the Kingdom, welcome to the taste of Tonga.

The aim of our journey was to create and to brew a beer that complements our lifestyle, a beer that we can call our own. Kingdom Lager is a beer that reflects the Tongan way of life, a way of life we've been practicing since the beginning of time when Maui pulled Tonga from the sea with a magic hook given to him by a man named Tonga Fusifonua.

Captain Cook dropped in a few thousand years later and said we weren't too bad a people because we were nice and always smiling (little did he know...). He named us the Friendly Islands, so the plan to execute him was not carried out, one thing lead to another and we let him go and this name... well it kinda stuck with us.

The Royal taste and slow pace of Kingdom Lager captures the essence of our place, our people and our ways.

Every time you crack open a Kingdom Lager you'll be taken to that place where time slows, you relax and enjoy every crisp refreshing sip. The taste of the Kingdom.

Ofa Atu! It's what we say over here for cheers!