The most appropriate attitude to life in Tonga is gratitude. Tongan social etiquette is based on thankfulness and our people always show gratitude towards others and their efforts. The Tongan word for hello is 'Malo 'e lelei' which means 'most grateful that you are well.' When you greet someone at work or who is working you say 'Malo 'e ngaue' which means 'thank you for your hard work.' Even when you greet someone that has just arrived, you say 'Malo 'e folau' which means 'thank you for making the journey.'

The Kingdom of Tonga has a rich and living culture which centres around our Royal Family and our lineage as a people back to the beginning of time.

There's not many places in the world where one's line can be easily traced through centuries, but because we've got time to kick back, relax, have a chat and remember our past, we keep these things well versed amongst us.

As a people, Tongans are friendly, sharing people. We like to share which means when we have a Kingdom Lager... we share it, we don't keep it to ourselves, where's the fun in that!