Water, malt, barley, hops, sugar.

138 per 355ml
145 per 375ml

Available Packs:
355ml cans 6 Pack
355ml cans 24 Pack
355ml bottle 24 Pack
50 litre keg
(due Dec 2013)

Countries Available:
Kingdom of Tonga, Fiji,
New Zealand, Australia

Kingdom Lager is Tonga's own and our original brew. A refreshing Pale Lager brewed to reflect the pace of the Friendly Islands and to taste good in the tropics. 

It has a light body and tastes smooth, mild and slightly bitter, with a crisp finish fit for a King. 

Kingdom Lager goes great with sun, sea, friends, family and all food. Enjoy, Ofa Atu!

• 355ml can 6 / 24 pack
• 355ml bottle 24 pack 
• All natural ingredients
• No added preservatives 
• Low in calories, 138 per serve
• 4.6 % alc vol



Following the success of Kingdom Lager we created our second brew Kingdom GOLD.

Proudly brewed in Tonga, Kingdom GOLD is a smooth, clear Ale with a light body and a dry, mild, malt finish. A very satisfying beer for the tropics with no added preservatives that can be enjoyed both chilled and warm. 

At 5% alcohol volume it’s known locally as Kingdom Lager’s stronger brother! 

Kingdom GOLD is now available so grab yourself a bottle or a crate and enjoy, Ofa Atu Kiai!

• 335ml bottle 12 pack crates
• Proudly brewed in Tonga
• All natural ingredients
• No added preservatives
• Enjoy chilled or warm
• 5.O % alc vol

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Kingdom Lager Limited is a Tongan registered Company and is 1OO% Tongan owned.

Kingdom Lager’s main aim other than serving up good beer and being happy Tongans, is to promote our beautiful islands by showing people where we are from and who we are.

Kingdom Lager is currently brewed under license in Fiji, with our own special unique blend. Kingdom Gold is completely brewed right here in Tonga.

We are working towards brewing and manufacturing both beers in Tonga by 2O14. We are looking to distribute and market into Australasia in 2O14 as well.

We have so much to share which is part of our culture and who we are – Kingdom Lager is an extension of that.